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Strategy Services

AI Readiness Assessment: We evaluate the current infrastructure, data capabilities, and workforce skills of the client to determine how prepared they are to integrate and benefit from generative AI. Compare current state against our GAI maturity model, and determine steps to advance maturity level across the organization. 

Roadmap & Business Case: We develop a custom roadmap to sequence delivery of specific projects to advance along the maturity model. We then build a business case to show ROI for the identified roadmap projects.

Custom Generative Model Development: We design and build bespoke generative AI models tailored to the specific needs of the client, ensuring their unique business challenges are addressed. 

Maintenance & Continuous Improvement: We provide ongoing support for AI models, ensuring they remain updated and efficient, adapting to evolving business needs. 

Ethical and Compliance Guidance: We offer guidance on the ethical implications of using generative AI, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with industry regulations and best practices. 

AI Center of Excellence (CoE)

Outsourced GAI Service Desk: Gain access to GenAI specialists to execute research on a given topic on a retainer basis. The service can be scaled on a monthly basis to meet your demand.

Outsourced Data Annotation Service: We label, tag, and transcribe data to be fed into your machine learning models. Included in the GAI Service Desk, or could be provided on a stand-alone basis.

Best Practices and Standards Development: We establish and disseminate best practices and standards for generative AI applications, ensuring quality and consistency across projects.

Technology Scouting and Evaluation: We assist organizations in identifying and evaluating emerging generative AI technologies and tools that are relevant to their business needs. Develop sourcing strategy, and assist you in selection of AI products to acquire.

Project Implementation and Management: We offer guidance and support in the planning, implementation, and management of generative AI projects, ensuring they align with business objectives. We then assist you in designing and standing up a Project Management Office to drive Ai into your organization.

Ethical and Regulatory Guidance: We provide expertise on the ethical implications and regulatory considerations of generative AI, helping businesses navigate complex legal landscapes.

Innovation Labs and Incubation: We establish labs and incubation centers for experimenting with new AI technologies.

AI Integration with Existing Systems: We work with your technology development teams to seamlessly integrate AI solutions with existing business systems and processes.

Education & Advisory Services

Training & Skill Enhancement: We offer workshops and training sessions to upskill the client’s workforce, ensuring they can leverage the potential of generative AI effectively.

Generative AI Workshops: We conduct workshops to educate clients on the potentials, challenges, and applications of generative AI in their specific industries.

Advisory Sessions: We offer tailored advisory sessions to guide businesses on how to integrate and leverage generative AI effectively for gaining a competitive edge.

Best Practices Training: We educate clients on the industry’s best practices when working with generative AI to enhance efficiencies.

Innovation Seminars: We organize seminars focused on how generative AI can accelerate innovation within an organization, showcasing real-world examples and case studies.

Change Management Education: We provide training and resources on how to manage the transition and change that comes with the integration of new AI technologies in an organization.

Data Engineering Services

Data Collection and Integration: We gather and integrate data from diverse sources, ensuring a steady data flow for Generative AI models. 

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing: We process data to remove noise, outliers, and irrelevant information, making it suitable for training AI models.  

Infrastructure Setup: We establish and manage the necessary infrastructure, both on-premises and cloud-based, for training and deploying generative AI models, considering the scalability and flexibility needed for businesses of varying sizes. 

Data Storage and Management Solutions: We design databases or data lakes, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and backup mechanisms for large datasets used in generative AI. 

Data Security and Compliance: We ensure that the data handling, storage, and processing practices comply with relevant regulations and are secure from breaches. 

Data Annotation: We label data to show the outcome you want your machine learning model to predict. Leverage resources from Amazon Mechanical Turk and other contract shops to execute on the cleansing and annotization.