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Individualized Therapy to help children achieve the highest level of independence in all aspects of life.

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About Us

Therapy Solutions, Inc. is independently owned and operated by occupational therapist Jana Garnett, who is licensed in Texas and New Mexico. Our company operates on the mission to see each child’s strengths rather than their differences and provide quality individualized therapy to help each child achieve the highest level of independence in all aspects of their life.

Therapy Solutions, Inc. offers school-based occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services for children. Our therapy professionals also work with children with autism and provide services to help them with their individualized needs. Our team tailors therapy treatments to fit the needs of each individual child to provide them with the services necessary to help them achieve their life independence goals.

Individualized Therapy Solutions

The needs of children vary when it comes to therapy solutions. Therefore, our team creates an individualized therapy plan for each child we work with in helping them achieve their occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or speech therapy goals. We offer our services with kindness, compassion and understanding for both child and parent. In addition, our treatment plans are never rigid in form. We create treatment plans that work with your child to help them achieve the independence goals at their individual pace. 

At Therapy Solutions, we believe in constant communication between our team and school, parent and child. We will work together to achieve life independence goals for your child through our individualized therapy treatment plans and monitor progress throughout to ensure the therapy treatments work. We are also open to offering private-pay teletherapy services to provide the most convenient therapy session methods.


Therapy Solutions offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services.

Occupational Therapy
We offer occupational therapy services to help with many areas to improve the functioning of the nervous system. Some of the areas we focus on include sensory processing, visual training, vestibular training, coordinated movement, fine motor, and other skills.
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapy services focus on a wide array of skills such as motion, strength, balance, postural control, and pulmonary and cardio endurance.
Speech Therapy
We offer many speech therapy services that focus on everything from articulation delays to developmental delay disorders.

Work For Us

If you’re a therapy professional in the local area interested in helping children achieve their life independence goals, we want to hear from you! Therapy Solutions, Inc. currently has a team of over a dozen professionals and we’re always interested in adding to our company in order to provide the most comprehensive therapy services to children in our area. Contact us today to learn more about potential employment opportunities with Therapy Solutions, Inc.

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